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Relocation, extension, partitions

By Finest-Hall

PVC hall is a very flexible warehouse with different possibilities. Business needs, business model, volumes, and warehouse specifics can change, no matter how carefully your original warehouse was thought through.
Most permanent buildings/warehouses are not very easy to change later, but doing so with PVC hall is very easy.


Suppose the company needs to move to a new area/territory. In that case, it is usually not possible to take the warehouse with them. On the other hand, PVC hall is effortless to dismantle and move, so the company can take it with them when moving.


Suppose the company’s volumes increase and more spacious warehouse space is needed. In that case, it is usually necessary to build a new warehouse building, which generally makes the logistics in the territory more complicated. In the case of the PVC hall, the extension of the warehouse is uncomplicated, the base area needs to be extended, and the building can be extended even by several hundred meters. In this case, it is necessary to rethink the logistics inside the building, relocate shelves, Etc. You can get the situation solved with ease.


If you have a warehouse with concrete walls, which must be made into sections when the business changes, making concrete blocks/masonry walls is expensive and time-consuming. However, with a PVC hall that is very simple, it is not costly to make a building into sections, and it does not require a lot of time and planning.

PVC hall manufacturers have a building model, where the wall constructions and the right-sized cover are designed. That means it’s not necessary to even go to the site to take the measurements. However, if the same manufacturer didn’t produce the PVC hall, it is essential to come and take the measures. When the materials are ready, the partitions will be installed in a few days without interfering with the company’s daily life.

Baltic Agro puistehallides asuvad sektsioonid vaheseinte näol.
Baltic Agro puistehallides asuvad sektsioonid vaheseinte näol.
NB! Even if you have a warehouse of concrete, wood, metal, or any other material, it is wise to make the partitions from PVC fabric. It is always the fastest and cheapest solution.